Monday, January 1, 2018

Dhanvantari-Father of Ayurveda

Born in 1000 BCE, Kashirau Divodas Dhanvantari, the king of Kashi is hailed as the father of surgery in Ayurveda. He taught Ayurveda orally to the sages and rishis who became his disciples.

Dhanvantari’s teachings and surgical techniques were compiled by his foremost people, Sushrut, in the Sushrut Samhita, which has survived over the ages.

He laid great emphasis on the study of anatomy using cadavers. Dhanvantari was an efficient and strict teacher. In order that his disciples strictly learn well, he would enforce certain principles strictly, like giving up the six vices, viz. lust anger, covetousness, infatuation, pride, and jealousy.

Dhanvantari also made contributions in the fields of physiology and anatomy, as well as pharmacology, material medica and therapeutics.
Dhanvantari-Father of Ayurveda

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