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Paracelsus was born as Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim on November 10, 1493 at Einsiedeln. He was one of the most original and prolific authors of 16th century Europe.

Swiss physician Paracelsus wrote prolifically on medicine, philosophy, theology, and a variety of related topics.

Paracelsus attended the monastery schools of St. Paul and St. Andrae near Klagenfurt. Later he worked as an apprentice in the mines of Sigmund Fuger at Schwaz in Tyrol,

Paracelsus received strong impetus towards alchemy and his vocation for natural science and medicine. Paracelsus trained in medicine with his father. Determined to become a physician, Paracelsus then journeyed to Italy and began studying at Ferrara in 1513. He traveled widely but later went to Basel as city physician. 

His doctrine opposed the teachings of Galen and Avicenna, and his boastful manner, Paracelsus wandered throughout Europe remaining in few places for long. These wanderings widened his observations and experiences.

Paracelsus opposed the concept of humoral pathology and especially, the systemization into which it had been pressed by Galen and Avicenna.

Various legends have been current as to the nature of his death, the one most generally accepted being that he was murdered by assassin hired by his enemies while staying at an inn.
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